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Exploring Mono Ontario

I had driven by an area east of Highway 10 many times on my travels around Ontario, but never really stopped to check it out. Heading out on a day trip we went exploring Mono Ontario. Located just north of Caledon and northeast of Orangeville, Ontario it is nestled in mostly rolling and  tree-covered hills. It’s a part of the Hills and Headwaters area of south-central Ontario. The headwaters of three rivers, the Humber River, Nottawasaga River and Credit River begin here. Some of the small communities that make up the Town of Mono are Mono Centre, Hockley Village and Camilla.   There are many areas to choose from to enjoy a hike, such as Mono Cliffs Provincial Park and the Bruce Trail.  A short drive north is the Boyne Valley Provincial Park and south is the Hockley Valley Provincial Nature Reserve. Mono Cliffs Provincial Park is part of the

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Collingwood Scenic Caves & Nature Preserve

Blue Mountain is know in Ontario as a great place to go skiing, mountain biking or simply as a getaway. It is also known for the Collingwood Scenic Caves & Nature Preserve. Blue Mountain is technically not a mountain, it is part of the Niagara Escarpment, which runs from Niagara Falls to Tobermory Ontario. Rising more than 300 metres in elevation above Georgian Bay, it is one of the highest points in southern Ontario.     Less than two hours north of Toronto, it is worth the drive north. The views and the unique surroundings make for a worthwhile opportunity to explore. The suspension footbridge at Scenic Caves is one of Ontario’s feature attractions. Take a walk across the 126-metre suspension bridge, which crosses 25 metres above the valley. This location gives fantastic views of Collingwood and Nottawasaga Bay.   The bridge holds the title of being the longest suspension

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Deer in Dundas Valley Ontario
Conservation Areas

The most incredible and unexpected brushes with nature will present themselves at times that are less than perfect. Mother Nature presented herself while Margaret and I were taking a drive through the Dundas Valley. I believe the six beautiful and healthy deer were moving through the valley looking for a safe place to stay for the evening.   I grabbed my camera and took off down a trail that would intersect the direction that they were headed. Feeling the rush come from seeing beautiful wild animals free has always been something I have found indescribable. I hope you enjoy the photographs that I was able to capture in the short period of time. It is still possible to see wild deer, turkeys and a multitude of other animals near suburban areas if you are in the right place, at the right time. Deer Spotting in Dundas Valley If you want

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