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Conservation Halton Parks – Halton Region Ontario

Since I was the age of 13, I have hiked and enjoyed Conservation Halton parks. They offer many outdoor activities such as, boating, cross-country skiing, fishing, hiking and so much more. The best part is they are located just a short distance from major population centers.

Conservation Halton owns and operates six conservation areas, including Crawford Lake, Mountsberg, Rattlesnake Point, Hilton Falls, Kelso and Mount Nemo.

Halton Conservation Parks
Mount Nemo from Rattlesnake Point

Crawford Lake Conservation Area – 468 hectare park that has a meromictic lake and a 15th century reconstructed Iroquoian village. My favourite hiking trail is the Woodland and Nassagaweya Trail.

Conservation Halton Parks
Reconstructed Iroquoian Village


Crawford Lake
Crawford Lake

Mountsberg Conservation and Wildlife Center – 472 hectare park with over 16 kilometers of nature trails, a 202 hectare water control reservoir and home to the Mountsberg Raptor Centre. My favourite hiking trail is the Lakeshore Lookout Trail and visiting the various birds of prey at the Raptor Centre.

Mountsberg Reservoir
Mountsberg Reservoir

Kelso Conservation Area – 980 acre park that includes a dam and reservoir that offers swimming and boating. It has over 16 kilometres of hiking and biking trails. My favourite hiking trail is the Escarpment Trail.

Conservation Halton Parks
Kelso Conservation Area Lookout

Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area – 727 acre park that showcases the Niagara Escarpment sheer cliffs, crevices, caves to name a few. My favourite hiking trails are the Vista Adventure Trail and the Buffalo Crag Trail.


Conservation Halton Parks
Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area

Hilton Falls Conservation Area – 1592 acre park that has 33.5 kilometers of incredible hiking and biking trails. A trip to Hilton Falls is very worthwhile. My favourite hiking trails are the Red Oak Trail and Beaver Dam Trails.


Conservation Halton Parks
Hilton Falls
Conservation Halton Parks
Limestone outcrop at Hilton Falls

Mount Nemo Conservation Area – is a great location to explore the edge of the Niagara Escarpment for lookouts and the natural limestone ecosystems. My favourite hiking trail is North Loop Trail. Don’t forget to visit Brock Harris Lookout.

Conservation Halton Parks
Brock Harris Lookout – Mount Nemo


Conservation Halton Parks
Bruce Trail – Mount Nemo
Conservation Halton Parks
Margaret beside Crawford Lake

The next time you are trying to decide where to go for outdoor activities, visit one of these great locations.
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